The Truth about the Alternative Energies!

By on December 9th, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 0:55

How many times do you hear on TV or you read in newspapers as various “experts” trying to convince you that alternative energy solutions are not a viable solution in this moment. Because are too expensive, are not reliable and resistant in time and these do not have the potential to cover even a small percentage of the world’s energy needs.

Well, everybody lie to us in the face. They lie in order to protect their interests and their outrageous profits. Of course, they tell us that hybrid and electrical cars are bad, while they increase the oil price and swell their pockets. Of course, they tell us that solar and wind energy can’t meet our needs, while they have the control of the energy centers in each country. It’s normal to be lied to so that they can keep their head on the shoulders, right?

But, we need to be smart and to let them lie to us so we could do it the right way. Because alternative solutions for the electricity production are usable and sufficient. Depend on us to develop the technology needed to capture and use these energy sources.

So to give a few examples (taken from a good movie Zeitgeist Addendum), these are approximately some real data:

1. Solar energy that reaches the earth within one hour from noon, would be needed to cover the needs of the entire global energy for more than a year.

2. Wind energy: The U.S. Energy Department admitted in 2007 that if wind energy of three U.S. states would be collected at maximum potential, it could cover only the energy needs of the entire country.

3. Wave energy is estimated at a global potential of 80.000 TWatts/year, equivalent to half of the entire planet needs.

4. Geothermal Energy with a huge potential, about which we will talk more in a future post.

All of these energy sources are free, are environmentally friendly and affordable. Only depends on us to capture and use it. And if technological progress should not be restricted by the interests of those that protect the conventional energy production sources (coal, oil, gas, biomass), currently the world likely would be less dependent by the polluting energy. But in the future we hope that these things to change, more and more countries adopting strategies for the adoption of alternative energy solutions.

What do you think?


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One Response to “The Truth about the Alternative Energies!”

  1. sailingsoul says:

    December 10th, 2008 at 12:18 pm

    I heard Mr Dave Thomas, founder of “Wendy’s” hamburger franchise say, “Don’t liken to what others say, When I said I wanted to start another hamburger chain, I was told there were already large hamburger franchises, bad idea ”
    Just because there are opponents to alternative for any motive, they are not the reasons alternatives are not in the market place. The sorry fact is people say one thing and all to often do another. Everyone what’s to think of themselves as green and a lover of nature. Their actions prove it’s not true. Like using electric clothes dryers for everything, instead of a clothes line. The examples are many. Many times our actions belie our words, from the president on down to the bottom.Anyone who is the objection are rare.

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