SkySpark- World’s Fastest Zero-Emission Airplane Powered by Electric Motors

Thursday, June 18, 2009 1:32

skyspark_1_xisjs_69A world record for the fastest speed attained by an electric airplane was reached by SkySpark. The airplane, piloted by astronaut Maurizo Cheli, achieved an airspeed of 250 km/h last week at the World Air Games in Turin, Italy. Specifically modified for the project, the battery-powered Pioneer Alpi 300 is thought to be capable of  300 km/h.

In partnership with engineering firm Digisky and the Turin Polytechnic University, the plane has been in development since September of 2007 when successful flights of a fuel cell powered craft were completed. It is equipped with a liquid-cooled 65 kW Valentino synchronous motor by Sicme Motori that weighs in at 55 lbs (25 kg) and powered by lithium polymer batteries.

The success of the flight is said by the SkySpark team’s website to be only an intermediate goal. They will next re-visit their past and concentrate their efforts on a “hydrogen fuel cells powered engine.

Source: Autobloggreen

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