High-Resolution Maps For Renewable Energy Site Developments

By on October 14th, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008 5:23

Maybe you have wondered what is a map good for? If you want to go in some particular place, take a map and with a little effort in the end you would find your way to the right address. The things get exponentially better if you can dispose of an electronic gadget, for example a GPS or even a computer. Of course, those are maps for personal utility, that now have become an ordinary custom related to our trips abroad. But what if we consider a map at a more macroscopic level utility, for instance finding an appropriate site for renewable energy developments?

3TIER added to their assemblage of hydro, wind and solar maps a more comprehensive high-resolution renewable energy map, having a large coverage of North, Central and South America.

The online map, at a first look, it is a long leap forward over some major obstacle in the development of projects and adoption of renewable energy, like availability, accessibility and usability of resource information related to this type of energy. For financiers, developers, policy-makers the map is a real gold mine of information in identifying and assessing potential sites from the viewpoint of renewable energy.

The solar map of 3TIER is an important part of their “REmapping the World” initiative, which is intended to provide the missing information about availability and resources, such as to make renewable energy a viable choice. With an internet connection people “will be able to discover potential renewable energy sites, cost effectively and within minutes”.In the coming months, 3TIER intends to wind and solar map the earth, country by country, prioritizing among renewable energy resources, policies, economical status, etc.

The high-resolution solar map for renewable energy developments could seem a futuristic idea, but it is here our computers, just one click away.


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