Futuristic Eco Signs Powered by Rain

By on November 6th, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009 1:22

manhole-coverIf you get lost someday in a huge city you don’t need to worry anymore. What you need to find first is a manhole cover and it will give you guidance. Interesting dream isn’t it? Well it’s not a dream anymore since Cheolyeon Jo & Youngsun Lee made the design reality.

What kind of info does it provide you? Just step for 2 seconds on the left side of the manhole cover and it will display information about the closest subway station while stepping on the right side you will be directed to the nearest bus station.

The covers will power themselves as they will harvest power from rainfall and they will be called very intuitive “eco signs”. In the near future, the covers could also display other type of information such as street names, address, maybe a map of the place and the options are really infinite if you think.

No data was published yet of how much energy would it generate or need to function, or how will it be stored. The idea is good and could have potential. When you think of it, we are every day assaulted with a lot of information from everywhere, most of it we do not really need. But eco signs could give us the needed information anytime.


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